dimanche 23 novembre 2008


i've had a whole variety of computer troubles recently. my linux is being reconfigured. in the meantime i thought i should allow myself working on ******* and ********* and Fontconstructor, not to waste to much time on computer issues.

i redrew a clean version of my bitmap alphabet and i've proceeded to some slight changements using font constructor. the idea is to have basic modules to create a whole alphabet. then when changing the modules, it changes the whole alphabet instantly, which saves a lot of time…

i also brought further the developement of the alphabet regarding to it's screen appearance at various sizes. my basic glyphs are constructed in a 5x9 grid, which corresponds to the screen resolution at 7-9pts. the resolution at 10-14 expands the number of pixels consequently. so i am adapting the shapes to the enlargement of the grid, trying to keep the glyphs properties as intact as possible. the proportions change a bit.

as i've been limited by the means i thought i should get back to a simpler practice based on pen and pencils.

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