lundi 24 novembre 2008



this year i will also be writing a bachelor thesis on a graphic design related topic. i chosed to expand my inquiry on how the open source influences a daily practice in graphic design. i have a quite large amount of subjects involved in the research, but basically i will compare alongside "the most beautiful swiss books" and "the most useful book in the world". they both stand for very different practices of graphic design occuring today. "the most beautiful swiss books" stands for an utmost specialised, ambitious, organized and clearly inteligible plan of visual communication and "the most useful book in the world" stands for more social, collaborative, perhaps foggy and vernacular practice of graphic design. i also plan to publish this bachelor thesis on the web, as i think it might be an interesting source of information for people of the open source.

dimanche 23 novembre 2008


i've had a whole variety of computer troubles recently. my linux is being reconfigured. in the meantime i thought i should allow myself working on ******* and ********* and Fontconstructor, not to waste to much time on computer issues.

i redrew a clean version of my bitmap alphabet and i've proceeded to some slight changements using font constructor. the idea is to have basic modules to create a whole alphabet. then when changing the modules, it changes the whole alphabet instantly, which saves a lot of time…

i also brought further the developement of the alphabet regarding to it's screen appearance at various sizes. my basic glyphs are constructed in a 5x9 grid, which corresponds to the screen resolution at 7-9pts. the resolution at 10-14 expands the number of pixels consequently. so i am adapting the shapes to the enlargement of the grid, trying to keep the glyphs properties as intact as possible. the proportions change a bit.

as i've been limited by the means i thought i should get back to a simpler practice based on pen and pencils.

dimanche 16 novembre 2008

c — references

from "We make fonts", ECAL/école cantonnale d'art de Lausanne

these are two typographic projects based on the screen appearance of typefaces. the bitmap drawing were brought back to outlines but they keep a certain "bitmap", squared appearance.

C — pixel/pen

I came across some interesting results with the garalde version of my bitmap alphabet.
During earlier conversations on the OpenFontLibrary forums, i've been redirected to Erik van Blokland's, where he proposes a little "how-to" regarding caligraphy. I applied the pen moves to a pixelated path.


In this case, the pen path dictates the contrast (related to the enlargement of the nib pen).

With the pixelated path, the pen path dictates the glyphs shape. As i had more interesting shapes in the pixel-garald, i applied the exercise to it.