jeudi 13 novembre 2008

B — thoughts

a few observations i'd like to share

as i couldn't get anything printed at school from my linux and couldn't generate a pdf from it either, i worked with the photocopy machine. what i wanted to do this morning is (with the same 7 fonts i've been working with since the beginning):

1—study the glyphs modification in print size ranging from 3 to 14pts
2—do the same with screenshots (on screen)

all typefaces lose their key caracteristics under 8pts. (does it really need for curves in that size in a text editor or in a programming console?)

this is a plain example with andale mono and bitstream vera sans, 4—7pts.
the glyphs are unrecognisable and tend to get squared. notice the "a", "o" and the "g" in bitstream.

something else i observed, is that any attempt at faking curves with pixels at small sizes is very ugly. it doesn't give the expexted smooth effect. And yet the use of plain square pixels isn't giving much more than readability.

so one of the decision i took to move forward with my font is not to get away from squares, rounds and ovals. this is a screen simulation i made with the skeleton of my alphabet.

next step for tomorrow is try to re-re-re-digitize "androgynes" and proceed with print and screen tests.
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